itching at the bloodied scalp to try and get inside my mind
dried blood in my hair and underneath my fingernails
intrusively transfer into everyone elses subconscious, confined and tied within a knot just to read the pages of their secrets, desires and all their thoughts
for some validation that everybody is really just as bad of a person as me
hellfire imprinted onto the seared skin of shell-shocked infants that breathe vomit down the throat of the rest of this world, because nobody ever consented to this
the worst of cruelty and the lowest rung of reality that we're on

curly mao be somebody
when nanny lin felt someone knocking on her walls
she turned slightly to the z axis
believe their lies so slowly it's like you can't even feel it
dungeon mind i creep inside like it's not even tuesday
your glitter landlord butterfly on his back like turtles
little hole you find many wigs bitch